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Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition “KIHE 2018”


KIHE” Exhibition for 25 years has been bringing together and informing the medical community about innovations, the latest developments in the healthcare industry, medicine and pharmaceuticals. KIHE takes the leading position among the medical events which are held in Central Asia.

We would like to invite You on May 16-18, 2018 to the 25th Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition “KIHE 2018”, which will be held in Atakent Exhibition Complex located at: 42, Timiryazev Str., Almaty




The Investment companies in both countries will be joined based on signed memorandum.

Russia & Iranian Depository Companies has been joined with aim of investment market connection .

This agreement has been signed by Mr.H.Fahimi Managing Director of Iranian Central Investment Co., and Edy Stanin Head of Directors of Russia National Investment & Payoff Co., during the Moscow Exchange Int’l Meeting in Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Expansion of constructive cooperation with other Central Investment entities at worldwide to create Iranian investment market connection to international markets are as main aim of said agreement.

Exchange of proficiency information relating to both partners’ activity field , augmentation of cooperation getting mutual experiences , collaboration on before & after deals and creation of good basis for expansion of mutual cooperation are as one of the goal in this agreement .





The spokesman for Energy high commission explained the agenda in the yesterday’s session held with official participation of Oil Minister & head of Petrochemical National Co.,

Mr.A.Gharakhani told the media that latest statue of running Petrochemical companies, upcoming new Petrochemical companies as well as Petrochemical companies to whom the necessary initial licenses has been issued has been verified .





The head of Chahbahar Free Zone told media 6 out of 18 nominated Petrochemical companies successfully received the environment existence protection license.

Mr.A.Kordi indicated every Petrochemical companies wouldn’t be operative unless otherwise to have the authentic license to be issued by The Environment Existence Protection Organization. 

He also added that 3 out of 6 Petrochemical companies to whom the license has been granted are ‘Utility’ to support other Petrochemical companies supplying Water & Electricity & infrastructure and other 3 units under structure.

He also indicated that One Petrochemical company which is under structure having 40% physical progress and every units needs 1,2 to 1,7 investment .






The Managing Director of Petrochemical National Company (PNC) stated the petrochemical saleable rate will be increased to 47MT in 1397 .

Mr.S.R.Norooz Zadeh declared that expecting based on predictions that production will be increased through commissioning of Marjan Petrochemical, Metanol Kaveh & 1st phase of Boshehr Petrochemical Plants by 63MT.

He also added that we’re estimating  the petrochemical saleable rate will be increased to 47MT with income of $24.5 Milliard in case of preparation of necessary basis with export portion of 27MT with revenue of $14 Milliard has been predicted .

He said that at the present based on fixed schedule 60 petrochemical companies running at countrywide with production capacity of 65,4MT/Annual through investment of $42,8 Milliard .

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  • Volume 200,250 ml

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  • Tamper Evident Cap 28 mm
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  • Volume 35,75 ml
  • Volume 100,125 ml
  • Volume 150,200 ml


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